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Opera NEO 2015 - Instrumentalists:

Application Deadline: Friday, March 20, 2015


Modern players with no prior period performance experience

are welcome!


Audition Requirements:


Recorded auditions ONLY!


Please submit video recordings* through of the following audition selections:

Baroque violin:
- Two movements (one slow and one fast) from a sonata or concerto (Handel preferred, Vivaldi, Corelli is also possible).
- One movement from a Bach solo partita or solo sonata.

Baroque viola:

- Two movements (one slow and one fast) from a transcribed sonata or concerto from the 17th/18th century repertoire.
- One movement from a Bach cello suite or violin solo sonata or partita transcribed.

Baroque cello:

- Two movements (one slow and one fast) from the 17th/18th century repertoire.
- One movement from a Bach suite.

Baroque violone/contrabass:
- Two movements (one slow and one fast) from the 17th/18th century repertoire. (Transcriptions may be used.)

Baroque oboe:
- Two movements (one fast and one slow) from a German or Italian sonata from the 18th century repertoire.
- An obligato aria (Handel preferred, other 18th century composers are also possible) with accompaniment - with or without a singer.

- A movement from the 17th/18th century repertoire the performer's continuo skills. (Can be a secco recitativo from an opera with a singer/singers.)
- One movement from a solo work from the 17th/18th century repertoire.

Please email with any questions about the audition repertoire to


* Does not need to be a professional or studio quality recording. Video quality and technical specifications need to conform YouTube standards for web streaming. Accompaniment is desirable but not required.



Opera NEO’s Early Music Instrumental Program is an exceptional opportunity for young professionals and advanced music students interested in historically informed performance practice. The program offers unique opportunities to study and perform Baroque music in collaboration with Opera NEO’s international faculty and the young singers in the program. In addition to one-on-one lessons and coachings with master instructors and chamber music work in various ensembles overseen by faculty members, all participants will perform in a fully staged Baroque opera alongside their faculty as well as an orchestra concert and several chamber music recitals. There will be opportunities to work in instrumental groups and collaborate with singers. Instrumentalists will also participate in master classes with the Opera NEO early music faculty from various disciplines and guest artists. They will also benefit from many of the regular activities of the opera program, including daily movement classes, yoga, tai-chi, career seminars, and performance classes. In addition to historic performance practices the program focuses on what it means to be a successful performer and how to communicate emotions, thoughts and ideas with an audience. (This program is 2 weeks long. Dates: July 31-August 16, 2015) 


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