Our mission is to nurture and educate the new generation of opera singers by providing them vital performance experience and training, and producing affordable, relatable, and accessible operatic performances, thereby investing in the future of opera and contributing to the cultural vibrancy of our city.

Opera NEO is a venture for the new generation of young opera singers and instrumental musicians created to prepare and inspire them to grow and perform at the highest level. We strive to unlock their full potential while nurturing each individual's artistic qualities and personality to help them develop into independent artists. We supply them with the tools they need to be well-rounded, versatile competitors in the ever changing and increasingly demanding market. We encourage individual thinking and creative decision making that will lead to professional and personal fulfillment.

We emphasize the importance of learning about the business, honing communication and networking skills, developing successful audition and rehearsal techniques and displaying professional work ethics. We strive for excellence and personal exploration within the atmosphere of a strong and supportive community.

Opera NEO investigates the role of opera today and in the future by engaging broader audiences and finding new possibilities for contemporary interpretations. By marrying historically informed musical performance with stagings that speak to the theatergoers of today, we build a bridge that connects performers and audience members to the artists of the past and keeps their timeless work alive and relevant. 

We are dedicated to serve our community by creating innovative, high quality performances. Opera is a unique art form that is a synergy of the most powerful human expressions: poetry, drama, singing, instrumental music, dance, visual arts, color and light. It is international, dynamic, and exciting. We strive to revitalize a dialogue between performers and the audience and bring opera close to the viewers by using small and intimate venues and alternative performance spaces.

We believe that being an artist is a privilege and a responsibility. An artist has the ability to express thoughts and emotions, struggles and discoveries -- not only those of the individual but also those of the community and society of the time we live in. Therefore, we are responsible for finding our own place where we can ask important questions and start constructive dialogue about the joys and challenges, the reality and the dreams of our time.